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Another great Amazon review!

"Flip Flap Backstraps are amazing - how did I not know these existed? These super soft silicon straps came in a box packed in a cute little bag. I was able to quickly attach them to two types of sandals (see pics) to test them out. Once attached they stretch so you can still slip your shoe off and on easily. I am a woman’s size 7 and they adjusted to my size nicely with a lot of strap length left over so I’m sure they will fit much larger sizes. You can’t really feel them once you have them on, but when you move around a little and your sandal will feel secure in the back when you take a step. They say they can be worn as a bracelet or anklet but I don’t know if I would do that - but who knows. The box directs you to a website for instructions on how to attach them but I didn’t think they were very good (a video). I was however, able to get enough info from it to figure the rest out in my own. These are a game changer for me since I do a lot of water related sports and prefer to wear my big name flip flops but always worry about loosing them because they come off so easily. Now they will be strapped securely on my feet. Super happy with and recommend this product!"

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